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Stories from the frontline of global TV, my 4-hour dinner with Bill Clinton- investigating organised crime behind the old Iron Curtain, why Bill Gates didn't like tough questions and banned me from Las Vegas, an exclusive interview with Aung San Suu Kyi, asking why Trump tweets so much and why pixels are winning over print. My career at Al Jazeera - Terror TV (Donald Rumsfeld) or the best news channel in the world (Hilary Clinton) This is a hard look at fake news, political correctness, social media and asking the question have we lost faith and trust in our daily news providers?
The European Union
the Failed Experiment? Why the break-up? EU Corruption, the Madness of King Juncker, Why is Greece being punished and why Germany needs the Euro but the rest of the continent doesn’t; is the European Union model out-dated and its days numbered because there some think there are now 3 European Unions, a rich North, a poor South and a belligerent East. Migration is the key issue in Europe and its led to a dangerous polarisation of politics.
This talk is crisp and contains material few have heard of. There are strong US references.
Immigration and Open Borders- the problem or the Solution?
Who believes in borders? Both the new Secretary-General of the UN and the European Union don't think they are necessary. But voters say they think they should stay up. Mr Trump clamps down on immigration but is doing nothing different to Mr Obama - the numbers are about the same - how the US has historically treated immigrants as aliens; the problems of low fertility in South Asia, migration and the world is on the move in numbers never seen before. And a look at the hundreds of thousands of immigrants moving north from Libya and Syria led by organised crime and ISIS.
Isis, the Shadow of the Caliphate.
Where did the organisation originate? And how many Muslims still subscribe to the view of forming a Caliphate in the Middle East or Europe? What will happen, indeed what is happening, as ISIS loses its Caliphate in Syria and Iraq? Does that mean the threat is over or is the religious war spreading around the world?
Why Al Qaeda is waiting to step into Syria once ISIS loses on the battlefield. The threat of Lone Wolves, the IT killers and the paid Saudi assassins, what is Turkey’s role now that the President is increasingly acting like a Sunni dictator?) How is the west to fight back without sounding Islamophobic?
Iran - Friend or Foe?
Why should the West be a friend to Sunni Saudi Arabia and not with Shia Iran? Is there a religious war, Sunni v Shia, under our noses? And will President Trump persuade Americans and Europeans to backtrack on the nuclear deal? Who are Tehran’s new allies and why Arabs and Israelis are bonding to fight the Shia Crescent. But has the threat from Iran been overvalued – would they make a better friend than enemy.
I also look at the proxy wars in Lebanon and Yemen
People Trafficking and Slavery.
Why has the UK found the need to appoint an anti-slavery Tsar in 2017.
I tell the story of my investigation into the trafficking of women from Eastern Europe. It is now one of the most profitable global criminal enterprises but does anyone care about modern day slavery And why are penalties for smuggling so small compared with drugs or arms ?
Vladimir Putin - is the Cold war heating up?
A profile of the Russian leader who calls himself a Tsar; from when I met him in Helsinki to finding out more about his background and what his ambitions are now in the Baltics and Ukraine ? is he a serious threat or is it all bluster and does he have an army of hackers at work trying to bring down the West so he can re-establish his beloved Soviet Union?)
Sunni versus Shia
The “ silent ” proxy war in Yemen and Lebanon and Syria .. Are Riyadh and Tehran heading for a religious showdown and if so where does that leave the nuclear option? Will the Obama nuclear agreement hold-up under the attack from Mr Trump? Is the West ignoring the threat because it fears any further interference in the Middle-East?

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